Bring Your Own Device Policy

This policy applies to any hardware and related software that is not owned or supplied by Kensley College. It specifically applies to all college applicants who have personally acquired a device but also wish to use this device in the business environment. BYOD will be taken to mean that any device used to access resources and Information systems, which may not be owned within the College, by Kensley managed desktop.

BYOD is used by Kensley members for operational purposes this should be done in accordance with all other University policies including, but not limited to, Information Management Framework, Information Management Policy, Information Security Policy, IT User Conditions and Data Protection Policy.

The contents of our programs and the details remains in the property of the college. All building materials, data, communications and information, including but not limited to email (both outgoing and incoming), telephone conversations and voicemail recordings, instant messaging and online and communication channels, made to, transferred, received or sent printed from, whether stored or recorded on the device during your College work or on its behalf is the property of the College, regardless of whether you own the device.

College personal-controlled devices are subject to the Freedom of Information Act and the Access to Intellectual Property Rights Act under the Data Protection Act and must be provided to the Administrative Manager or the Information Protection Officer upon request.

Kensley College does not specify how BYOD should be set up to connect to resources. However, users are expected to ensure that adequate security measures are maintained on the device so as not to compromise the integrity of courses or its data. The College will not monitor the content of personal devices used to connect to its IT facilities or resources. However, it reserves the right to prevent access by any device that is considered a risk to its network or systems.

If any user is found to have violated this policy, they may be subject to College disciplinary action. If it is considered a criminal offense other steps can be taken to assist in the prosecution of the offender.

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