QTP (Quick Test Professional)

QTP (Quick Test Professional)

Course Overview

Gain an overview of some key practices, most-commonly used software quality assurance tools that help make testing successful during the software development life cycle. Hands-on exercises reinforce the practices with concrete examples.


Anyone who wishes to advance his/her their testing knowledge and skills
Professionals that wish to familiarize themselves with the automated testing tools.

Course Ojectives

Candidate will able to automate the testing processes using the QTP.

Course outline

Basic Test Automation with Quick Test Professional (QTP)

  • Introduction to QTP
  • Launching QTP, Add- in Manager and Quick Test window
  • Introduction to Functional Testing
  • Functional Testing approach
  • Benefits of automation
  • QTP testing Process ( record and run process)
  • Different types of checkpoints ( standard checkpoints and supported checkpoints)
  • Parameterization ( datable and parameterization, parameterization by importing values from excel)
  • Actions ( Different types of actions, nesting the actions)
  • Object repository
  • Object spy
  • Synchronizing a Test
  • Handling exceptions using recovery scenarios


DURATION: 20 Hours


DELIVERY METHOD: Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT) and Online Instructor-led training ( OILT)

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Advance Quick Test Professional? ( QTP)
  • Expert view and VB Scripting fundamentals
  • VB script concepts
  • Interaction with files and database
  • Using file system object
  • Working with data tables
  • Functions and sub procedures
  • Descriptive programming
  • Interacting with Microsoft Excel
  • QTP Automation and test automation framework
  • QTP and Working with schedule task
  • Introduction to VB Scripting
  • Declaration statements and highlights
  • Variables
  • Working with Arrays
  • Constants
  • Scope and life time of variable
  • Operators
  • Flow control ( Using control structure to make decision)
  • Subroutines and Function procedures


Should have an experience in manual testing
Good understanding of any scripting language.

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