ETL Testing

ETL Testing

Course outline

ETL Concepts

  • Data warehousing and Business intelligence
  • The Dimensional Model
  • Oracle OLAP
  • Data warehouses and data marts
  • Data warehouse development approaches and terminology
  • Business, Logical, Dimensional and Physical Modeling
  • The ETL Process: Extracting the data
  • Extraction Methods
  • Change Data Capture
  • Possible ETL failures
  • Maintaining ETL quality
  • The ETL Process: Transforming the data
  • Transformation and available staging models
  • Identifying and eliminating data anomalies
  • Importance of the quality data
  • Transformation: Problems and Solutions
  • MERGE and multiple INSERT SQL statement in Transformation
  • The ETL Process: Loading the data
  • Transportation in a Data warehouse
  • Data refresh models
  • Data Granularity
  • Post processing of the Loaded data
  • Steps for verifying the data integrity
  • Standard quality assurance checks.


DURATION: 20 Hours

DELIVERY METHOD: Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT) and Online Instructor-led training ( OILT)

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Test Process Implementation
  • Introduction to Software Testing and Quality
  • Software Life Cycle Stages
  • Software Development Models
  • ETL Testing Techniques Static Testing , Dynamic Testing , Black Box Testing, White Box Testing
  • Software Quality Assurance Standards CMMI Model and SIX SIGMA
  • Test Planning, Test Design and Test Execution
  • Test measurement Techniques and Metrics Collection
  • Defect Management
  • Defect Severities and Priorities
  • Defect management and defect resolution process
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Testing Terminologies
Backend Testing using SQL ( Structured Query Language)
  • Introduction to Database and Rational Database Management System
  • DML Commands ( Insert, Select, Update , Delete)
  • DDL Commands- ( Create, Use, Alter, Drop)
  • Sub queries ,Joins and Unions
  • Simple and Complex SQL- queries
  • Other DB Utilities Toad, SQL Navigator etc
  • Database role in application development
Fundamentals of Unix Operating system
  • UNIX- Operating System
  • Flavors of UNIX and difference between them
  • Environment Variables in Unix
  • How to install Application in Unix
  • what is .profile and Env variable files and how to modify them
  • Understanding scripts in Unix
  • File systems and Space management
  • Understanding of compiling code using MAKE file

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