Student Services

Kensley is committed to provide comprehensive student services that promote student engagement, growth, and development for all students. Student Services does this by providing integrated, targeted services that support all student academic and personal development.

Academy advisory centre

Educational counseling is provided by Counselors, Faculty, Program Directors, and the Chief Academic Officer. Students have access to counseling resources throughout their learning.

Our Advisory services can be provided in one or a small group, or even in the workplace, to help students manage their academic experience such as course registration, program progression and counseling in available educational services.



Student employment activities

The Student Services Department can help you get a part-time job while you are still in school. Many students find that part-time work is an excellent way to help meet the financial

obligations of college education and to maintain a flexible schedule that allows for classroom time and study time.



International student advising

Kensley is proud to host students from all over the world who have chosen to study here. If you are from another country, you may be concerned about making a success of your new routine.

Many of your questions can be answered by the Student Services Department, which is available to help ensure a successful experience.

Foreign students will have the opportunity to participate in social work with other international students as well as Canadian students. Foreign students will have many opportunities to learn about Canadian culture and Canadian students have a lot to gain by getting to know foreign students and the cultures they bring with them.




It helps new students get used to college life. Peer Mentors is offered to new students within their program to meet with them during the first term of the student to provide support and guidance.

Engagement of students

It gives students the opportunity to represent the school at Admissions events and other college programs.

Students wellness

It offers a variety of services including free cost-effective counseling services for all students, 24/7.

Students safety

At least one college security plan is offered each quarter. It focuses on areas such as personal security, identity theft, prevention of sexual harassment, and much more.