5 Crucial Software Testing Trends to Note in 2021

Software testing is transforming for the new decades to come. It is continuously developing and advancing with the evolving technology and its needs. Combining the technologies of AI and ML, the software testing industry is constantly booming. It is no wonder that the Software Testing Market has been valued at over USD 40 billion by the end of 2020 with such impeccable advancements.

Endorsing such changes is not just in the structure, mobility and usage. It is even applied to day-to-day tasks of how we are achieving the regular flow of stability. But do not worry; we have gathered the top 5 software testing trends that are setting the trends of the new decade.

Crucial Software Testing Trends to Note

1. Transformation for fast results

The old book models like the waterfall model have proven not to show the efficient results that the new age technology requires. Then what are the new transformations companies are going through? Agile, QAOps, DevOps are the new customs that are accelerating the transformation of new age demands.

They fasten the analysis, bug identification and fixation at the same time. These new models in operations combine lean thinking with automation, bringing development and operations closer together. Thus, the primary objective to improve quality and value for the organization is to serve efficiently

2. Automation can never be any less than paramount

Without automation tools, the continuous delivery method would not be feasible. Defects and problems are identified sooner with the agile strategy, thus supporting test automation that makes QA more efficient. Despite a scarcity of automated tools for developers and trained QA professionals, automation is an integral element of the testing process. The paramount that weighs on automation can see multi-folds of increased concentration in the new decade.

3. IoT and Edge computing are making their way in

Although the developmental teams are significantly changing IoT and Edge computing trends, the testing of these subjects is a radical issue. The trends and tools to solve the issues are about to shine up. When coupled with IoT, this type of computing will let many organizations have a smooth transmission of data directly to the cloud for comprehensive analysis and insight extraction.

4. Testing of AI products and relative software

All the technology predictions are pointing to the surge of AI dependence and usage in the new decade. More the application dependence, the more the stability to be achieved for the success. Thus, testing in the stream of AI will take a new turn. Tools, approaches and models to solve the new AI issues will see the limelight.

5. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can rise to new high

All the RPA-related technologies are becoming more popular and heading the mainstream, encompassing a wide range of QA and software testing applications. As a result, Robotic Process Automation is significantly trying to reduce the time spent on software testing and the amount of money spent. As a result, more organizations are creating more complete test environments to achieve and maintain high levels of stability.

The new trends are beaming the markets and flourishing the new energy into the stream of Software testing and Quality assurance. Embrace the new trends as you learn the new routine for the software testing professionals. At Kensley, we encompass the real-time experiences into the curriculum to have you closer to the latest trends and developments. Our highly experienced and trend-tracking professors will enroute you in the direction that bestows the new era to you