Immigration Checklist for Canada Travel

It is a significant decision that can not be made lightly. Although you took the first step on your own, Kensley College and our team is here to help you make the transition to Canada as seamless as possible. To assist you in planning your journey to Canada, we've assembled a list of important items that you should purchase before leaving, as well as a list of things to pack for Canada.

Must-to-Check list before you board

  • Visa - Of course the first and foremost to enter into the country
  • Flights to Canada - You need to check the availability and see which airlines are providing the best customary for you.
  • Travel insurance for Canada (Better to have it than regret it)
  • Make sure your passport is valid and up-to-date.
  • Bank statements to serve as proof of funds. Depending on your bank, this could take a week or two to arrange, so be organized.
  • Arrange a place to stay, for at least the first night. Finding a place immediately upon arrival is not easy. Have options in hand for a better rest post the long flight journey!!
  • Ask previous insurers to supply you with a “no claims” letter, to serve as proof of driving history.
  • If you need to get your phone unlocked in order for it to work with other networks, arrange this early.

Must-to-Pack items for Canada travel for international students

Easy pull items: Any of these things may need to be rapidly pulled from your luggage at the airport, so keep them in a convenient location while you begin packing for Canada

  • Passport
  • Visa, work permit, or other immigration documentation
  • Bank balance letter
  • Evidence of travel insurance, if applicable (e.g. a printed copy of your policy)
  • The address of a place to stay (e.g. a hostel, a hotel, or a friend’s place)
  • Driver’s license or some other form of government-issued ID if you plan on going out to venues that serve alcohol. Avoid having to use (and potentially lose) your passport.
  • Accommodation reference letter.
  • Copy of student transcripts (if required).
  • Prescriptions (if necessary).
  • A good pair of gloves, a warm hat and scarf. These are crucial items if you plan on arriving during winter in any location outside the Greater Vancouver Area.

Essentials to pack for your happy stay in Canada

  • Have some Canadian currency, so you don’t have to wearily look for an ATM at the airport
  • A power bar/extension cord, so you can run multiple devices from home using just one Canadian adaptor. (Check out the Canada plugin types and see if your chargers will fit in)
  • Chargers for phones, cameras, laptops etc.
  • Home treats, like tea bags or non-perishable food items from your home country. (Have some homemade food till you get used around).
  • You should buy a decent winter coat after you arrive in Canada (your home country's coat is unlikely to be warm enough), just make sure you have the essentials to bring you from the airport to your lodging and into your first day: gloves, cap, and scarf.
  • Your comfortable set of clothes, that can make you feel at ease.
  • Some books and stationery items that you like to use including files.
  • First aid kit with simple tablets (precautioned by a doctor)
  • Toiletry kit with enough bath, head and hand towels.

At Kensley, we aim to provide the best of the knowledge and make sure your travel is effortless and enjoyable. For any further queries, you can reach out to us at . We are available for you round the clock!!